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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dusted: An Anthology of Short Stories

Now Available!
"Our dwellings are tiny, everybody lives alone but to call our living conditions adequate would be an exaggeration. In the night when people are sleeping you can hear every cough, shout, scream or snore through the thin walls of the room. At home we are still unable to relax; the televisions have cameras behind the screens filming us. As we watch we are being watched by the caretaker." - From The Letter by Elle Pryor. DUSTED includes the following short stories: Clowns All Around You by Emma Kathryn, Another Smashing Concert by Jason Barney, Tiny Bubbles by Jessy Marie Roberts, Against Death by Michael C. Pennington, A Stopped Clock by Lee Hughes, In the Beginning by Dorothy Davies, No! I'm Not Paranoid! by Jordan Fuselier-Gardner, If only I had Teeth by Ronald J. Craft, Tommy's Toy Land by Jessica A. Weiss, The Tut by Paul D Brazill, May I Take Your Order? by William Wolford, Cybernetic Reanimation by Joe Jablonski, The Adamant Wall by Robert William Shmigelsky, Eyes Wide Open by Jay Faulkner, Past Perfect by Charles Gramlich, Sleeping With The Fishes by Nigel Bird, Suits You, Sire by Iain Pattison, Red Ravine by Gayle Arrowood, May Contain Spoilers by Mark Taylor, Mind Over Matter by Nita Lewsey, The Sky's the Limit by William Wood, Chain Of Command by Jason Barney, The Causality Problem by Robert Pearce, Foam of the Sea by A. J. French, Day of the Machines by A. J. French, Red by Shells Walter, At Arm's Reach by Bruce Memblatt, The Letter by Elle Pryor, Just In Case by Edward Rodosek, Adrianna's Journey by Robert William Shmigelsky & Suttee by Jennifer Lyn Parsons

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