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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Caught By Darkness: An Anthology of Dark Tales

Now Available!
"One day it just started snowing, or so the world thought. The white powder settled on everything, but seemed to attach itself more readily to living forms. Plant life crystallized instantly. Dogs and cats ran sluggishly out of sight, presumably to die in a more dignified fashion in solitude. The Dow Jones fell seven points and then was no more. When the powder settled on people they went rigid instantly as the crust thickened around them like a plaster shell."-"The Burning One" by Mark Anthony Crittenden. CAUGHT BY DARKNESS includes the following stories: The Burning One by Mark Anthony Crittenden, Carved by Jessy Marie Roberts, Mistakes by Emma Kathryn, Stab in the Dark by Jay Raven, Trojan Tango by Mark Souza, Hellion by Lee Hughes, The Dark Flyer by Michael C. Pennington, Behind The Hay Wain by Mark Taylor, In The Woods by Pixie J. King, Storm Exposure by Jessica A. Weiss, Insidious in the Month of June by Charles A. Muir, The Friend Catcher by Paul D. Brazill, The Ink in Her Veins by David Perlmutter, The Right Tools by Ian Ayris, Clowns in the Dark by Charles A. Gramlich, Agony of Being by Tommy B. Smith, Dark Water by A. J. Humpage, Crusaders of Light by Robert William Shmigelsky, Drinking Wine (Spo-dee-oh-dee) by Nigel Bird, The Nightmare by Lou Treleaven, The Key by Gregory Miller, The Merry-Go-Round by Robert C. Eccles, Wrinkles and Passing On by Jason Barney, Shark Fin Curry by Annam Manthiram, Softly by Lily Childs, Motherly Love by Lisa C Hinsley, Confessions of Sneaky Sam by Gayle Arrowood, Backlash by Lori Gordon, The First Clan of the Lachrymals by Elle Pryor, Skin Care by Shells Walter, Computer Screen by Jason Barney, The First-Years by Shane Collins, Shoreline by Yolanda Sfetsos, The Lake by Richard Baron, Breathe In, Breathe Out by M.J. Nicholls, Dark Shadows Below the Boardwalk by Stephanie L. Morrell, Blanket of Crickets by John S. Craig & Mary by Jay Faulkner.

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