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Monday, November 30, 2009

Fire Your Muse- Writing Prompts

Sorry about not posting last week, I was ill and not in the best spirits. To make up for my lapse, I am posting two weeks worth today. May something spark your inner fire.

-I fear that I might....

-The old man in the mirror + innocence lost or abused

-There is a place called home for most people. But not for Sarah, not really.

-Something poisonous has been drunk + a silence + a church

-When the forest wants something, no mortal can resist her.

-Whenever his face enters my memory, I stop and think of what happened + a witchy neighbor + creaky floorboards

-A book that's been read over and over + a womans shattered hopes for love

-A reflection + a mask + broken promises + mythological god/dess

-Mistaken identity + afterward I thought about..

-The solution + in a state of discovery + this is what the neighbors saw

-A year after your death the truth is discovered

-It was as far as I could go, though I knew she wanted so much more

-The explosion had uncovered something ancient and mystifying

-Out of the corner of my eye....

**Prompts collected by me over many years and cut and smushed together to make some new ideas. Artwork is by A.J. my daughter.**

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