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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fire Your Muse--A month of prompts

-It was his idea of a good time.
-People don’t understand him because…..
-People find her difficult because…..
-My dreams hold the answers. If I could only divine the questions.
-Someone is calling your name.
-What can be imagined can be done.
-The right thing to do at the time.
-This is where I went wrong.
-Before you can change, you must put an undeserved faith in something.
-Frustration and despair.
-Sleeping on a pile of stones.
-The whole thing left a bitter taste in her mouth.
-I want to go home.
-Candle wax dripped.
-Dagger in the lake.
-Frost on the window frames.
-He laid down the knife and looked at his hands.
-Her strength began to drain away.
-I will be yours forever and ever.
-On the top shelf, way at the back, he found…..
-Sit down and hush up.
-Long afterward, I came upon it again.
-The love of my life…..
-Kiss the cowboy.
-This is what you can see by starlight.
-A gracious rain.
-Why I am a danger to the public.
-It was as if…..
-When the dust settles…..
-It’s just too hard!

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