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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Now Available from Wicked East Press

 Hustle and bustle, run and get many things done. That is the style of our lives. Over 100 authors offer this collection for every person on the run. Pick it up, read a few, put it down, and start in a different place the next time. Always a new story to take you away. So pick up a coffee and a quick read today.
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 Arrgh, you scallywags. Rip open these pages to find yerself lost in the world of pirates and their misdeeds. Join them as they travel to misty islands of fortune, sail the seven seas for mysterious items, kill those that betrayed them, and lay siege to monasteries. This collection of new work brings you 18 short stories and a new novella by M.S. Gardner. But beware...if ye escape Davy Jones' Locker, ye may still face the plank.
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Wicked Bag of Horror Tales... Think that spider in the bathtub scared you? Well, you'll be in for a treat. What about that diner on the side of the road-it just looks rundown, right? What about ghost hunters? Don't they ever find anything concrete? Ever woken up in a different room than you fell asleep in? Aliens... that's just ludicrous. They'd never invade... would they? Ever taken directions from a stranger? Well, you might want to think twice about that. What if you just had to escape the real world, if only for a while-nothing bad ever happens on vacations, right? What wrong could come from worshipping a saint? Family, things never change, do they? Inside these pages you'll find nine twisted tales from various realms of horror, each one offering haunting delights that will have you checking behind you whenever you can. DISCLOSURE: Read with all the lights on and the doors locked, and remember that this is just a book...
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 What happens when your child goes missing and the ransom is your own humanity? Can an obsessive fan drive you insane? When a mob boss forces you to play piano against your will, can you escape? How would you react to a family secret that changes the entire history of your family? These questions and more are answered in this collection of 14 tales of intrigue.
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Three friends walk into a they walk out? What happens within those walls Welcome to a place where depravity and horror breeds and bleeds within every stone. A place where debauchery and pain are food for the soul and the more you scream the more you feed what lies within. If you dare to lose yourself, open the door and step into... The Torchlight Inn.
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