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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Writers N' Writers Interviews Wicked East Press

For your reading pleasure: Writers N' Writers blog interviews Wicked East Press
You can read the original here.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Interview with Wicked East Press:

Okay, so here is a NEW press with LOTS of openings for submissions on upcoming anthologies... a big thank you to Jessica for taking some time to talk to me.  Check this out:

• What is Wicked East Press?

We are a small, independent publisher of Fine Fiction Anthologies based in Beaufort, South Carolina. This press was started with the undiscovered writers in mind and because anthologies are our favorite books. We publish horror, suspense, dark fantasy, and speculative fiction.

• How many anthologies do you have planned this year?

This is our first year and we have two anthologies that are due to be printed by the end of 2010. Our 2011 schedule is already set with four anthologies, but that may increase to five. We have a yearly anthology series, "Coffee House Flash Fiction", and that will be done every year with complementary covers.

• Do you have any open submissions right now?

Yes. We are actively seeking submissions for "Ransom: Give Me What I Want And I'll Go Away (Maybe)" (Deadline Sept. 30, 2010), "Cup of Joe: Coffee House Flash Fiction" (Open Until Filled--currently half full) and "Cutlass and Musket: Tales of Piratical Skullduggery" (Deadline December 31, 2010). We are also accepting submissions for the 2011 line up, but final decisions on those will be in 2011.

• Why did you decide the anthologies only format?

In todays very busy lifestyle, I've found very little time to sit and read a novel in a short time. With anthologies you can read one or two stories, put it down for days or weeks, and pick it back up at any time and not have to remember what you read before. They are great for traveling, going to doctors offices, and taking to work to read on meal breaks.

Also the variety of different styles and ideas to be found in collections is amazing. I've been collecting anthologies for years and have never been able to find enough. The market isn't very friendly for printed collections and I wanted to see more.

• I noticed on the site, there is a link for Artist’s Guidelines… what type of art are you looking for?

What we'd like from artists is an inspired piece for a specific anthology. Just as a writer looks at the concept and gets inspired, we'd like to see an artist do the same: to read the submission guidelines and get inspired and contact us. Of course, there will be times when we will approach an artist directly.

• Okay, we have your site, your Twitter, how else can readers/writers stay in touch?

There is also the Wicked East Press Forum on lefora. (  We encourage everyone to participate in discussions of each project and to offer suggestions for future projects. We consider what the writers and readers want to see, because there wouldn't be anthologies without them.

• What the first anthology coming out? What’s its title? And most importantly, when?

Our first anthology is "Ransom, Give Me What I Want And I'll Go Away (Maybe)" and is due to be out November of 2010.

• Anything else you’d like to share?
We are approaching this endeavor with a family atmosphere. We'd like the writers to be comfortable and unafraid to ask questions and feedback. This may be our company, but writers make it what it will be.
Anyone can reach me at with any questions.

Here are some links for everyone to enjoy:

Main Site for Wicked East Press
Twitter for Wicked East Press

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