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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fire Your Muse- Writing Prompts

Where does the time go? Feels like Christmas was only the other day and here we are nearing the end of January! Hope everyone is having a great start to their writing year. Here are some new tidbits for you.

-Did she really want the answers that could be found within her grandmother's steamer trunk?

-She was certain he had died in the accident.

-A bitter wind swept across the frozen lake. Somewhere, out there was the answer.

-I'm sure I've seen them before.

-The doors sway in the pitch dark.

-Assumptions based on an overheard phone conversation.

-When I first told my family about my secret, they didn't believe me.

-They were beautiful and deadly + a masquerade

-My brother and I came in by the old lady's window.

-I could tell the minute I got in the door and dropped my bag, I wasn't staying.

-Every night after lights out in the dormitory, there was a ceremonial story-telling.

-Where were you last night? + a gate + on the other side

-The balloons danced through the smoke.

-She mumbled over breakfast as she thought of her mother's threat.

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