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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Now Avaliable.. "Twisted Legends"

"Do you know what happened to a friend of mine?" You know the stories, you know the outcomes...or do you? Now you can enjoy twisted versions of classic urban legends in Twisted Legends: Urbanized & Unauthorized. From crocodiles in the sewer to stolen kidneys, from Bloody Mary to ravenous housecats, this anthology will leave you breathless and asking yourself, "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the lights?" Authors in this anthology include: Christopher Jacobsmeyer, Jameson T. Caine, Laura Eno, J. Troy Seate, Michael A. Kechula, Bradd Parton, Jennifer Greylyn, Jessy Marie Roberts, Kevin Brown, Jessica Brown, Jodi MacArthur, Ennis Drake, Anthony Giangregorio, Jennifer R. Povey, Chris Bartholomew, Liz Clift, Jacob Henry Orloff, Jessica A. Weiss, Natalie L. Sin, Jason Everett Morris, Sam Cox, Brian M. Sammons, John Pupo, John Pennington, Jerry Enni, Sam Battrick, Charles West, Alva J. Roberts, Bill Mattox, Sean Logan, Bill Ward, Michael Penncavage, & Ruth Imeson.

Currently Available at Amazon ! Other Book Sellers Soon!

You can find my Twisted Legend, "Silence Is Deadly" within these pages.

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