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Friday, September 11, 2009

Personal Rejections

I just received a rejection letter, and I'm not upset. I actually expected it since the story very loosely fit the criteria. Can't say I didn't try.

Getting the rejection actually made me happy. Why? It was a personal rejection; the editor showed that she had taken the time to read the story, by her comments, and hadn't simply rejected it because she was tired of reading the slush pile.

I was also was happy that she didn't just accept it because she's accepted my other work. That makes me feel great about the editor I'm working with.


  1. My very first rejection came with a little critique of the story. It was brutal, but honest and I felt so embarrased that I sent it.

    But at least he told me what was wrong. Getting a standard rejection leaves me clueless as to why they didn't accept it. And most times, it's something that I can easily fix.

    Ah well, on to the next, eh?

  2. Jannette,
    Funny you should say on to the next.. cuz I did. And now I am waiting.... until sometime in January. :)