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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Early Release!

Now avaliable from Amazon and Barnes and Noble,
"The Middle of Nowhere; Horror is Rural America".
Welcome to The Middle of Nowhere! Behold twenty-eight horror tales set in rural America, featuring some of the very best short stories by up-and-coming masters of the macabre. Think farmland. Think long, desolate country roads. Think abandoned houses. What terrible things can happen when you are all alone in the middle of nowhere? Here is your chance to find out! From a creepy motel to a fishing trip gone awry, from out of the sky and to the bottom of a lake, this spine-chilling anthology has something to suit virtually every taste.

You will find my short story "Emilys Lake" within these pages.

Jessy Marie Roberts is the Editor of Pill Hill Press


  1. I am so excited. When I read the email this morning I couldn't go back to sleep until hubby was awake enough to understand what I was telling him. I hope you enjoy it!